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Acrocomia Makes Unproductive Land Economically Valuable…





At Green Integrated Energies we engineer processing efficiencies that capture 96% of the available biomass which results in valuable raw materials ready to be sold into existing local and international markets. As valuable and significant as biodiesel is to the future of a sustainable economy this is only a portion of Acrocomia's potential.



So, if you think you can put your investment expectations in harmony with nature

we would like to hear from you.



Acrocomia provides invaluable chain of products for exsisting markets

  • Productive life of 70 years
  • Grows naturally in Costa Rica
  • Does not compete with food crops
  • Mitigates greenhouse gas emissions
  • Revitalizes the soil upon which it grows
  • Requires very little agrochemical inputs
  • Acrocomia grows well on degraded land
  • 20 Tons per Hectare with 96% utilization
  • Grows well on grassland with limited rain
  • Can be grown profitably on all sizes of land