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Carbon Challenge


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In 2006, the Government of Costa Rica announced plans to become the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021. This is also the year in which Costa Rica will commemorate 200 years of independence.


In order to assess the initiatives required to attain the goal of carbon neutrality A 01 and OMA-AMO in collaboration with local partners in Costa Rica researched and developed a strategic plan to ensure that Costa Rica meets the challenge it has set for itself, it was titled "Roadmap C.R. 2021".

What did their comprehensive research conclude? 

In most cases, full decarbonization is unattainable. Costa Rica is an exception.
The benefits of collective investment in renewable energy far outweigh the challenges.
The challenge to Costa Rica achieving carbon neutrality lies in the transportation sector.

Many studies have been done, many reports have been written, the science is clear and so are the facts. The development of alternative transportation fuels in Costa Rica is critical to achieving a carbon neutral Costa Rica.

 "If I knew that the world has to end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today".

Martin Luther King Jr.