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Invest in Acrocomia

Acrocomia Makes Unproductive Land Economically Valuable





At Green Integrated Energies we engineer processing efficiencies that capture 96% of the available biomass which results in valuable raw materials ready to be sold into existing local and international markets. As valuable and significant as biodiesel is to the future of a sustainable economy this is only a portion of Acrocomia's potential.



So, if you think you can put your investment expectations in harmony with nature we would like to hear from you.


Drought Tolerant
• Productive life of 70 years
• Grows naturally in Costa Rica
• Does not compete with food crops
• Mitigates greenhouse gas emissions
• Revitalizes the soil upon which it grows
• Requires very little agrochemical inputs
• Acrocomia grows well on degraded land
• 20 Tons per Hectare with 96% utilization
• Grows well on grassland with limited rain
• Can be grown profitably on all sizes of land