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Generating Renewable Energy in the Best Way Possible

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[accordian][toggle title=”Our mission at Green Integrated Energies” open=”yes”]Green Integrated Energies is a young International Costa Rican company committed to generating renewable energy in the best way possible, in harmony with nature. We believe the Earth, Wind, Sun, and Water are already providing ALL the energy we need. Learn More…[/toggle][toggle title=”What is the National Plan for Costa Rica Acrocomia?” open=”no”]The cultivation of the native Acrocomia aculeata tree has the potential to significantly contribute to Costa Rica becoming the first carbon neutral nation on earth. Learn More…[/toggle][toggle title=”Costa Rica: The Carbon Neutrality Challenge” open=”no”]The key to Costa Rica achieving carbon neutrality is to focus on de-carbonizing the Transportation sector. Learn More…


[/toggle][toggle title=”Biodiesel” open=”no”]The transition from fossil fuels to sustainable fuels is happening. Learn More…


[/toggle][toggle title=”Investing in Renewable Energy” open=”no”]Acrocomia makes unproductive land economically valuable. Learn More…